Welcome to the pre-screening of the DynaM-INT study!

In this study, we want to investigate the mechanisms of stress resilience – successfully dealing with stressful situations.

If you participate in the study, we want to accompany you for the period of eight months

During this time you will receive an smartphone-based intervention aimed at increasing your resilience, for which you will be asked to fill out smartphone-based questionnaires during which we will ask you about daily fluctuations in your experiences and behavior and wear a fitness tracker that records physiological data. We will also regularly send you questionnaires that we would ask you to fill out. At the start of the study, there will also be an appointment on site. During this appointment you will do some computer-based tasks, partly while having your brain activity measured in an MRI scanner, as well as fill out some more questionnaires. You will receive more detailed information before inclusion into the study.

This pre-screening, which will only last some minutes, is aimed to identify if you are suitable for study participation.

Based on your answers, an automatic algorithm will decide if you are eligible. If you are, we will ask you to tell us your email address at the end of the survey. It will be saved separately from all other data you provided, so we won't be able to connect your data to you personally.

However, in case you participate in our study, we would like to connect your data of this survey with your study ID. Therefore, we will ask you to create a survey ID at the end of the pre-screening. This survey ID will be easy to replicate for you, since it will consist of e.g. letters of your mother's first name or numbers from your date of birth. Nevertheless, it will not allow for anyone to personally identify you. Once you received verbal and written information and gave written consent upon study inclusion, we will ask you to re-generate this survey ID so that we will be able to connect your data from the pre-screening with your study ID.

I consent that my data will be saved anonymously for the above-mentioned reason. I am willing to enter my email address at the end of the questionnaire in case I am eligible for the study. I am aware that no one can connect my data to my email address without the survey ID that I will create at the end of the survey. I am willing to let the study team know this survey ID once I enrolled in the study.
In case I will not be eligible for the study, my data can be used for statistical reasons within the study to inform the research team on the population that participated in the pre-screening.